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The focus of my work is enabling the business of my clients. While I advise clients in a number of areas of law, my overriding objective is to ensure that my clients can do business with minimum risk while fully exploiting their intellectual property and inherent competitive advantages.

The areas in which I advise clients are:

  • Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions: I have advised on numerous mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures taking into account the value of relevant intellectual property assets.
  • Intellectual Property and Media: This work spans many industry sectors from magazine publishing to retail, from the consumer goods sector to manufacturing, from multi-level marketing to financial institutions and from gambling to e-commerce.
  • Gambling: I have advised most leading international gambling companies on the Australian regulatory environment. This includes sports betting operators, gaming machine manufacturers, casino operators and software suppliers, as well as leading gambling industry bodies.
  • Direct Selling: Addisons specialises in advising many leading direct selling organisations on all aspects of Australian law, while being watchful for the dangers of regulatory creep. My role includes warning clients of such dangers and recommending measures to ensure these issues do not adversely affect their business.
  • Setting up Business in Australia: This has involved advising many international businesses on establishing operations in Australia, as well as protecting intellectual property rights, structuring new business operations, advising on industry specific regulatory regimes and preparation of documentation for the new business.
The gambling sector in Australia faces increasing regulatory challenges. This includes legislation mandating pre-commitment for poker machines with increasing degrees of regulation for on-line gambling including wagering.

The Addisons team advises businesses within the gambling sector on all aspects of gambling law and regulation. This includes advice on business strategies for international projects, both in-bound into Australia as well as out-bound to international markets. Our clients in this area include gaming machine manufacturers, wagering operators, casino operators and other gambling service providers, whether online or land based, as well as gambling industry associations and other local and international gambling industry participants.

Jamie Nettleton is the partner who leads our gambling law team. Jamie is widely recognised as the leading expert in Australia in gambling regulation.

Among the positions he holds within the industry are:

  • Secretary of the International Masters of Gaming Law
  • Chair of the Internet Industry Association Gambling Task Force
  • Senior Fellow of Melbourne University and presenter on “Gambling Law and Policy” as part of the Masters Degree at Melbourne University
  • Editor World Online Gambling Report Gambling Law and Regulation

Services include:

  • regulatory issues and establishment of gambling business in many jurisdictions
  • discussions with regulators concerning new licences, change of control and potential breaches
  • commercial arrangements relating to gambling operations and other commercial transactions in Australia and internationally
  • protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Australia and overseas
  • reviewing race fields obligations for wagering operators
There are many reasons why clients such as Bega Cheese, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Hillgrove Resources, Mulpha Australia, Petronas and Virgin Enterprises, trust Addisons with providing legal advice to make their businesses more successful.

It begins with the three fundamental commitments we make to all of our clients:

  • Get what you need – you will always have easy access to the highly skilled lawyers that you need for the advice that will ensure the success of your business
  • Commercial and creative – our focus in undertaking work for you is to deliver advice that is commercially insightful as well as legally accurate
  • Second best is not an option – we will maintain our rigorous standards in recruiting both legal and support staff of the highest levels of talent, character and work ethic

Rather than tell you ourselves, however, it is more meaningful if we share with you the words of our clients in talking about Addisons.

Jamie Nettleton of Addisons is greatly admired by clients, one of whom said: “He has a greater knowledge of the gaming industry in Australia than anyone.”
Chambers Global, 2014